The year is 3200. Humanity is scattered like dust among the stars. The broken relics of the Golden Age of Man litter the heavens. Men and women struggle to rebuild and fulfil their manifest destiny among the cosmos.

Yet a pall hangs over these efforts. Great sacrifice has revived some of the old secrets of psychic training, but no world dares rely on psionic forces that drove the Golden Age any longer.

The nature of the Scream that shattered humanity is still a mystery. For now, humanity strives to build a world that does not rely upon powers it cannot fully understand or completely control.

Human space is a vast canvas of mystery to most. Ancient nav charts are long out of date. Alien races have since moved into many formerly human-held sectors, and there remain ruins of races that long predate mankind.

Warlords and petty tyrants scheme to expand their stellar domains, and brave souls struggle to recover lost secrets. Maltech and Forbidden Research threaten to unleash untold horrors of unbroken AI and nanotech upon the galaxy again.

Stars without number await you.

Nostalgia for Absolution

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